OK, cards on the table: I haven’t done a lot of travel writing, or at least I haven’t been paid for much travel writing. I am looking for opportunities to make this a regular part of my repertoire, because I do travel (five continents), and I do write for the kinds of audiences who read travel stuff.


I did write a series of visitor’s guide articles about Yosemite National Park for a well-known travel web site.

And as a magazine journalist, I write about destinations — generally in and around Central Indiana, but nevertheless…A short form example:

If you need travel content, here’s what I offer:

  • pompeiiInsatiable curiosity about people and places. I’ve traveled in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and across the US and Canada. I share my experiences, and occasionally even advice, at the travel-oriented social media site Trippy. Follow me there. I also am a member of the Matador Network, a community of travel and culture writers. I advise Operation Crossroads Africa, a not-for-profit that sends student groups from the US to Africa each summer, on communications and social media strategy.

Try me.