Content Curation / Social Bookmarking



Content Curation — what used to be called Social Bookmarking in the days when Digg and Delicious dominated as platforms for this kind of content sharing — is an important complement to original content creation. A content curator is an information consumer’s trusted partner in filtering and sharing content from across the web. It’s an essential role, because content sloshes across the global web constantly, 24 x 7 x 365, and keeping up with what is relevant is virtually impossible without virtual help. In the mix of Content Marketing services, often it’s a toss-up which function provides the greatest value — curating existing content or creating original material.

Peter Dorfman is an experienced curator, trusted by corporate lawyers, IT professionals, clients in IT Service Management and Knowledge Management and other business and professional audiences — as well as associates who share his passion for the sport of fencing. He can build this trusted relationship — a complex, arcane and time-consuming function for business people not devoted to it — on your behalf, between you and your clientele. He can provide this service on a monthly retainer or per-link basis, manually updating popular curation sites like Pinterest and Instagram, as well as leveraging curation tools like Feedly, Zite and