What I Do


Writing and Editing

Advocacy ● Annual Reports ● ArticlesCase Studies  ● Content Extension ● Documentation ● eBooks ● Ghost Writing ● Manuscripts ● Marketing Collateral ● Multimedia Content ● Newsletters ● Patent Applications ● Presentations ● Press Releases ● Proposals ● Speeches ● Training Content ● Voiceovers ● Web Site Content ● White Papers


Peter is a one-of-a-kind creative genius whose amazing career has covered a gamut of everything from “pre-PC era” technical writing to content around medical, political and human issues. His ability to pick up just about any type of story line – with minimal (if any) supervision – is rarely matched with any writers I’ve worked with during the past 25 years. While working with me/us FICO, he covered everything from blogs and other short form material, to white papers and deeper technical pieces. I’ve always enjoyed him as a person as well as a writer; he has an endless depth of humanity and humor, and I’ll always appreciate everything Peter brings to the table.

Todd Rollin, Marketing Executive