Follow my pinboard (Sorry, no recipes)

pinterestIf I were in the business of crocheting stories, dancing case studies or baking white papers — or if I was more deeply involved in video production — odds are it would have occurred to me sooner to set up a pinboard on Pinterest. I don’t mean to belittle what actually is a very intriguing medium for visually oriented content. I’m just a word guy, and I have a writer’s biases.

Anyway, it’s arrived: Peter Dorfman Creative Services is now on Pinterest. I plan to use it as a place to share links to my work as it appears on clients’ sites, as well as my own posts and articles on content marketing, writing, social media, knowledge management, and life in general. Once I get some experience with it, I’ll have thoughts on the use of Pinterest by professional services firms.

Do follow me there.

Incidentally, “no recipes” is just an assumption I’m making today about the way I will use this pinboard — or future pinboards. Before long I might be singing a different tune.

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