Start-Up Ventures

“Peter wrote a white paper for my ASP company, Cynocom Corp. I was impressed with his efficiency and his ability to gain the constructive cooperation of my staff, all of whom were very busy all the time. He provided me with a quote up front and stayed within both cost and timeframe. The result was a cogent and articulate document that we were proud to share with clients and prospective clients.”

John Calia, CEO, Cynocom Corp.

start-upI’ve worked, and written, for a lot of midsized and large companies — well-established enterprises with large marketing budgets and mature infrastructures. But I’ve spent many years with entrepreneurial start-up ventures as well, mostly tech ventures.

I was director of marketing for a small artificial intelligence start-up — a company that began as three of us working out of our living rooms — for almost a decade. I understand venture founders, and the issues faced by new companies trying to find their feet and create a powerful presence in a fast-changing market segment.

Start-ups need to convey new, often unfamiliar concepts to skeptical audiences, asking multiple stakeholders to grasp the venture’s unique selling proposition. The start-up often must sell into organizations where executives don’t know they have the problem the new product was created to solve. The budget is tight; the sales cycle is long; the customer journey is complex. Marketing will require several kinds of content — usually in a hurry.

Here are some examples of start-up content marketing materials I’ve produced: