Why Peter Dorfman?

Peter is a one-of-a-kind creative genius whose amazing career has covered a gamut of everything from “pre-PC era” technical writing to content around medical, political and human issues. His ability to pick up just about any type of story line – with minimal (if any) supervision – is rarely matched with any writers I’ve worked with during the past 25 years. While working with me/us FICO, he covered everything from blogs and other short form material, to white papers and deeper technical pieces. I’ve always enjoyed him as a person as well as a writer; he has an endless depth of humanity and humor, and I’ll always appreciate everything Peter brings to the table.

Todd Rollin, Marketing Executive

Mr. Dorfman offers clients:

  • Industry experience/expertise in high technology/software development, telecommunications, legal, biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, health care, medical devices, food technology, retail/consumer products, and financial services. More than 23 years experience and thought leadership in Knowledge Management.
  • Peter's WorkGhost writing for executives and professionals on subjects ranging from entrepreneurship and launching a technology start-up to technological esoterica such as genetic toxicology and the rheology of chocolate.
  • Experience in multiple media: Newspapers, professional and consumer magazines, training materials, web sites, blogs, wikis, electronic multimedia (CD- and web-based corporate presentations), online help systems (software), online knowledge base content, radio, print brochures. Skilled user of MS-Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Visio, SharePoint, and Adobe Captivate, as well as four different wiki platforms and five different blogging systems.
  • Depth as an Editor and Publisher: Launched or established direction for trade publications. Served as managing editor; managed staff and freelancers, supervised production contractors and managed editorial/production budgets.
  • Personal/avocational experience in travel (five continents), parenting, sports (fencing, sailing), hobby farming (goat breeding), personal computing and the Internet, blogging, photography, beer brewing and appreciation, and politics.

Where Has His Work Appeared?

Peter Dorfman’s C.V.