Marketing and Sales Automation

Marketing and sales are increasingly digitalized business functions. I have followed this trend for most of my career, from the adoption of Customer Relationship Management and sales automation systems in the 1990s and 2000s, through the emergence of web-based commerce, predictive analytics and Big Data, and most recently the explosion of social media-driven and omnichannel marketing and selling.


I have written about globalization and the convergence of IT and business functions as technology has become a strategic asset and CMOs became key adoption drivers. Another important recurring theme in my work has been the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to enhance the marketer’s understanding of customer intent, buying propensity and likelihood of defection to competitors’ offerings.

Recent projects have included:

  • A series of articles for online marketing media and several white papers on bidding optimization in the Search Engine Marketing discipline
  • A white paper on the use of customer intent data derived from machine learning analysis of buyer behavior
  • A series of ghost-written blog posts on the best way for marketing to support the content needs of the sales team

I also have written a series of posts on Customer Journey Mapping, for which I have become a strong advocate, as a marketing technique and as a way to build an effective Content Marketing library.