Brand Awareness

brand awarenessBrand Awareness content calls attention to your organization as a competitive option to consider. Early in the Customer Journey, it’s a matter of letting the prospect know you exist. But brand awareness is critical later in the journey too — the prospect may have heard of you, but may not know you have a relevant solution for his/her problem.

Thought Leadership content plays a role in brand awareness. This is material you promote to an audience who may be at the beginning of forming an intent to buy, may not be ready yet to engage with you, but is looking for expert guidance.

  • Brand blogs, newsletters or content designed to raise the expert profile of individuals associated with your brand are solid brand awareness content. So is your brand’s social media outreach, and its advertising.
  • Brand awareness campaigns typically are closely monitored for measurable impact.

Brand Awareness content may be continuous (blogging, social media posting/content curation, email newsletters), or discrete documents or events (webinars, Thought Leadership white papers).

Examples of Brand Awareness content include:

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