Case Studies

shaking-handsOne of the most effective organizational story-telling techniques is the Case Study — a narrative that validates the mission of the company and its effectiveness in execution. A case study typically explains (and celebrates) a relationship between the organization and a partner or client, in which a problem or opportunity arises, the parties come together to devise a solution, and value is achieved. Or, it may describe a company’s capabilities from the perspective of multiple clients. Either way, a case study helps the new, prospective customer to understand what a successful relationship with your organization will look like.

Case studies are hard to get. Even for highly effective organizations, convincing a customer to go on the record about the value of the offering can be difficult, logistically and politically. But the validation inherent in a customer endorsement is irreplaceable.

If you can secure your client’s cooperation, Peter Dorfman will make the interviewing a pleasure and the drafting of the story eloquent and efficient.


  • nearmap — Multiple user stories.

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