Content Extension

bway ebookThis eBook (right) was based on the audio recording from an earlier webinar. It’s an example of Content Extension — the repurposing of content you already have for a new audience, by converting it to a different format.

Because  primary research is where most of the cost comes from in developing an eBook or a white paper, the client got considerable leverage by contracting for conversion of the webinar content — the presentation materials, the presenter’s pitch and the comments from the audience — into this new document, which the client then offered to attendees at subsequent webinars, and through a gated link on its web site and in social media postings. The cost was about half of what it would have taken to produce an original eBook from scratch.

Lots of companies have libraries of recorded webinars that could be repurposed as eBooks, or white papers that could be summarized as presentation decks for use in new webinars. These materials are underutilized orphans, often in the libraries of marketers whose sales teams are crying for new content.

Let’s talk about how we could leverage your ready-made content to give it new life.