Content Marketing Strategy

You have marketing content. Does that mean you’re succeeding at Content Marketing?

It’s difficult to assess your Content Marketing program without clear and practical objectives. Marketers typically speak in terms of driving lead generation or asserting “Thought Leadership.”

Content Marketing, fundamentally, is a tool for simplifying and shortening your sales cycle, by giving prospective customers the information and insight they need make the crucial decisions on the way to adopting your product or service — and to sell your offering up through their own organizations.

Peter Dorfman can help your team to develop an effective strategy for Content Marketing, to ensure that you are:

  • Developing content for the right audiences;
  • Developing the right content, in the right formats;
  • Delivering each element in your content inventory at the right point in the sales cycle, through the customer “Touch Point” best situated to provide the content at that moment and in that context; and
  • Evolving your content as the market conditions change.

The focal point for strategy development is an analysis of the typical Customer Experience with your offering, journey mappingfrom the moment the prospect first becomes aware of it, through the sometimes long and complicated process of evaluating and selecting your product, through the life cycle of your customer relationship.  

Peter Dorfman will facilitate a Content Planning Workshop and follow-up activities to identify crucial issues in your customer decision process, the value of your current content in resolving those issues, and the gaps in your content inventory.

The ultimate product of strategy development is a rational Content Plan, laying out the content you need to close the gaps in your current library, and a plan to close those gaps, given your objectives and the budget and resources you have available.

Contact Peter Dorfman to learn more about Content Strategy Development.

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