Ghost Writing

ghostMany influential leaders in business and the not-for-profit sector have vitally important ideas and strong incentives to communicate them to a broad audience…but either lack the time or the facility with writing to turn their words into presentable documents. Hiring a ghost writer to handle the production of an article, a presentation or even an entire book is very common practice among these executives.

Peter Dorfman has taken the ideas verbalized by opinion leaders in several industries and scientific disciplines, in efficient, carefully conducted interviews, and turned them into tight, cogent articles for publication. He has ghosted on topics as diverse as entrepreneurship and the financing of technology start-up companies, electronic music, and esoteric science and engineering topics such as genetic toxicology and the rheology* of chocolate.

An example:

Peter also has ghosted recently for executives at Autodesk, Robert Half Technology, Singota SolutionsLiveHiveBridgeway Software, TraceSecurity and TouchCommerce.


* Rheology: The measurement and standardization of viscosity, a key concern in chemical process engineering.