One-Day Content Planning Workshop

Content Marketing requires a plan, schedule and budget for content development. There is no single ideal methodology for Content Planning, but we believe more content is not always better, and content should address known information gaps, common buyer objections and other needs that arise in the sales process.

Thought leaders from the Customer Experience discipline have introduced methods for analyzing and mapping the “Journey” a prospective customer takes on the way to deciding to buy your product or service. The thinking behind “Customer Journey Mapping” offers an excellent structure for Content Planning. For an organization that does not currently have a defined Content Plan, Peter Dorfman can provide consulting guidance in the form of a one-day workshop – ½ day either on-site or conducted remotely via online conferencing, and ½ day for production of written Findings and Recommendations.

The workshop has three discussion components:

compassThe Sales Process — A moderated discussion with Sales Management, Marketing and your Content Team of the sales organization and process, from lead generation/prospecting to close and post-sale CRM:

  • Examination of the Customer Journey
  • Marketing and Sales infrastructure
  • Key marketing initiatives
  • Buyer Personas
  • Key customer Touch Points
  • Customer Journey
  • “Moments of Truth”

Review of Existing Content — A “show and tell” session with your Content Team.

Content Mapping — Matching of communication needs identified in the Sales Process workshop to specific content – existing and future – for:

  • Lead generation
  • Objection handling
  • Thought Leadership building
  • Customer loyalty

After the workshop, Dorfman will generate Findings and proposed Content Plan/Calendar, in PowerPoint format, including:

  • Identified needs:
  • Proposed content to develop
  • Proposed Content Calendar
  • Budget (for writing services

Contact Peter Dorfman for details.

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