Rapid Language Translation

Translating foreign language documents or marketing collateral typically is a lengthy and expensive process involving native-speaking contractors with professional certifications. For situations where precision is required, this is essential.

translationOften, however, all that is required is an understanding of what the correspondent is trying to convey — e.g., foreign customer or contractor inquiries. For those situations, tools such as Google Translate can suffice, even for a fairly lengthy document. The product generally is understandable but awkward English. It can be refined into a cogent document with some effort by an effective writer, much more quickly and inexpensively than by contracting with certified translators.

Peter Dorfman offers Rapid Translation for non-critical documents, such as:

  • Customer or partner correspondence
  • Internal memos and emails
  • Certain kinds of marketing collateral such as product fact sheets and brochures

Materials received in electronic form — .docx, .pptx, .pdf (non-image/OCR), .txt or other machine-readable format — will be passed through Google Translate. The output will be analyzed and edited for clarity of meaning, and then re-edited for effective presentation for the intended business purpose in the US market. It will then be returned for verification of meaning.

While this approach will not involve translation by a native speaker of the source language, it may be sufficient for many purposes, especially for initial launches of foreign-sourced products into the US market, at far lower cost than would be incurred by contracting with a conventional translation firm.