Social Media Representation

Your brand may be the subject of daily, ongoing conversation across the many social media platforms that form the virtual backdrop for contemporary culture. Online interaction is no longer just a sidebar for “real life,” face to face communication and commerce. social mediaTo a growing extent, social media have become the marketplace. What is being said about you and your enterprise is beyond your control. “Viral” ideas about your brand can put you on the global map overnight…but they also can magnify an isolated misconception into a storm of controversy, just as quickly.

Responding to social media murmur — joining in the conversation, calming a difficult situation, or just creating a presence for you and your brand in the many social media forums — can be a powerful marketing discipline. But it can be a laborious and distracting time-sink for your staff.

Peter Dorfman has been active in social media for nearly a decade and can be an eloquent voice for your brand. Under a reasonable retainer arrangement, he can find the forums where your business has a presence — or should have a presence. Working from your established positioning, he can provide brand-favorable messaging in discussions where your business is in context, maintaining a non-confrontational, affirmative presence on your behalf, and identify opportunities where your staff and executives can benefit from involving themselves directly.